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General Dental Hygiene

Maintain the health of your smile with regular dental hygiene check-ups

Preventing serious oral health problems from occurring is the main focus of general dentistry. Regular visits, good care and maintenance at home as well as early detection of any problems can help to ensure your natural teeth stay healthy for life.

The most important this is to have routine dental checkups every 6 months. That way we are able to pick up on issues before they get too big. Too often we find that small holes were left for too long thus originally smaller fillings that could’ve been repaired much earlier would result in bigger fillings that need more extensive work to complete.

The 6-month check also allows us to monitor other things more carefully like diet and oral hygiene. If there were any issues at the routine general check-up, they would certainly be picked up and discussed with you so that long-term there are no surprises!

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