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The difference between Routine Regular Dental clean and Deep Dental Clean

Most people are aware of the necessity of a routine regular dental clean recommended every six months. This involves a clean above the gum-line to maintain healthy gums. However if patients have had their last clean over a year ago, they will require a more deep dental clean. Upon each visit our trusted hygienist and dental therapist, will assess & measure your gums and provide you with the treatment option best suited for you gum condition.

Comparison of healthy and unhealthy gums

Routine Regular clean- 6 monthly

A regular clean is designed to maintain healthy gums. This procedure involves minimal removal of bacteria and tartar build-up above the gum line on the tooth surface. Often patients that require this type of clean present with pink coloured gum, minimal tartar, minimal bleeding. This is often completed in one appointment. Patients can then maintain healthy gums at home with regular flossing and tooth brushing.

Gum routine cleaning

Deep Cleaning or Root Planning

A deep clean (or root planning) is designed to bring gum tissue back to health. These patients present with a large amount of bacteria or tartar below the gum-line advancing into the tooth socket. Patients requiring this type of clean experience red swollen bleeding gums, shrinking gums, (>4mm) gum pockets or loose teeth. The first step to alleviate these signs of gum disease include removal of tartar along the root surface of the teeth with manual instruments. If a deep clean is not performed, the disease can progress into eventual tooth loss.
Deep cleans can take more than one appointment for the cleaning to be performed due to the extensive need for a thorough clean. Deep cleaning is considered the gold standard for the treatment of gum disease by Australian Dental Association & the Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice.

Comparison of deep cleaning and root planning

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